Kirk Brewer and Associates

What We Do

We help clients attain their business objectives by creating and managing perceptions of an organization's strategies for success, business priorities, and performance.
We establish, monitor and maintain productive relationships with key stakeholders such as investors, customers, consumers, employees, communities, elected and appointed officials, and the media.
We help manage the unique communications challenges associated with strategic events, such as

  • CEO transitions

  • Corporate transactions including M&A

  • Divestitures and spinoffs 

  • Restructurings 

  • Litigation

  • Governance issues including proxy fights
We have special expertise in helping clients manage and recover from crises.
We are practical and pragmatic. 
We know when it is appropriate to counsel, advise and strategize.  And we know when it is time to focus on getting things done. 
We are very good at getting things done.